Friday, May 01, 2009

Should we?

Here is a nice foreword to my forthcoming article, "Why My Son Won't Go To College," which I anticipate publishing on Monday.

"Should we be forcing young people to go through 18, 16, or even 12 years of school—trying to get them all to think the same way—before they make things?"

—Jeff Jarvis, "Hacking Education: Google U"


Larsitron said...

I think Jarvis' comment is more directed at standardized testing and curricula that value rote memory over creativity and thinking. That's an indictment of our current educational system, not one pointed at college.

jeffjarvis said...

Yes, but I would include college in that.

Colleges, I argue, should become incubators of creation. They need to nurture new ideas and encourage experimentation and failure.

(I look forward to reading the piece!)

Lisa said...

I just wanted to point out that both this article and the NY Times one I emailed you about Kindergarten make references to Harry Potter. *Geek:)*

And now I'm off to start my homeschooling day. Looking forward to your article.

SJ Austin said...

The full piece is now up: