Monday, December 29, 2008

Gift card tango

Whenever we are thinking about buying a thank you gift for someone at Artisan, we always go with a Wegmans gift card, for two reasons: first, who can't use a little grocery money? Second, and more importantly, we know that Wegmans has a gigantic carousel display of... gift cards. So with a $25.00 Wegmans gift card, you can go buy a $25.00 iTunes gift card, or a Home Depot gift card, or an Old Navy gift card, or heck, a plain old prepaid VISA card.

A friend of mine recently used a gift certificate to a local mall to get some gear at Guitar Center. He paid for the gear with grocery money, and then bought a VISA gift card (to use for groceries) using the mall gift certificate. Maybe he should have bought a Wegmans card instead...

This kind of thing amuses me. Any other creative gift card stories?

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Lisa said...

Jaron got 2 Target gift cards for Christmas, but when we went to use them, he couldn't find anything he wanted. So I told him I would buy them from him and he could use the cash elsewhere. Because I can always buy things at Target.

It makes me smile to be able to go into Target in June and buy toothpaste with a gift card I got in December.

Using gift cards for mundane things that I would buy anyway always feels like more of a deal than using them for gifts I don't really want.