Monday, November 28, 2005

I get "Lost" in your eyes

How many people are secure enough in their own coolness to quote Debbie Gibson in a blog post title?

Lately I have been consuming DVD episodes of television's Lost like a huge bag of Laffy Taffy; that is, much faster than you could possibly imagine, at possible risk to my health. That show is so freakin' good. I can't stop watching it. Drama, humor, mostly excellent acting, a solid premise with captivating is very good TV.

We get the DVDs one disc at a time from Blockbuster Online, which is a magical service to which everyone should subscribe. (The best way to do it, by the way, would be to try your first month for $9.95 by signing up for the service through my free XBox 360 referral. Even if you only get the initial 3 DVDs and two free in-store rentals and then cancel, you've gotten your money back and then some.) We love BBO because we can't get out to the theater much what with the baby and all, and I have a feeling we'll like it even more during the wintery hibernation that is coming.

Anyway, no real point to this post. I just like Lost a lot. By the way, if you hit me with any spoilers I will be consumed by anger. We're only halfway through the first season, so ZIP IT.


Lisa said...

Look, Scott found a fandom! It even comes complete with cheesy song references!

Scottish said...

Lost is teh awesome.